Köksal Education Foundation provides a non-refundable education scholarship of 1,250 TL per month for 9 months.

Only the scholarship applications of students studying in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades in the departments of the universities listed below will be accepted. Applications of students in the preparation classes cannot be accepted.

Educational Institutions Accepted for the Students to be Awarded Scholarships

Middle East Technical University
Hacettepe University
Ankara University
Hacı Bayram Veli University
Gazi University
Ankara University of Music and Fine Arts


The educational scholarships to be provided by the Foundation from the sources specified in Article 3 of this regulation are announced to the educational institutions determined by the Foundation’s Board of Directors in September each year following the decision on the educational institutions to be awarded scholarships, the number of scholarships to be provided to each school and the monthly scholarship amount. When necessary, scholarship announcements can also be made on posters and other means of communication.

Departments accepted for the students to be awarded scholarships

Faculty of Engineering
*Industry, Computer, Electrical and Electronics, Environment, Food, Geology, Mining, Oil and Gas, Software, Artificial Intelligence
Faculty of Medicine
*Internal and Surgical Medicine Departments
Faculty of Nursing
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Sport Sciences
Faculty of  Agriculture
Performing Arts
*Ballet, Opera, Theater, Singing, Modern Dance
*Instrument Education, Jazz, Composition, Piano, Composition and Conducting, Voice Education, Musicology
Faculty of Fine Arts
*Graphic, Sculpture, Ceramics and Glass, Painting, İnterior Architecture and Environmental Desing

Qualifications of Students to be Awarded Scholarships

>Turkish citizenship,
>To be committed to the democratic, secular republic, Atatürk’s principles and revolutions,
>Need for financial support for undergraduate education,
>Not working full-time in any insured job,
>Not receiving any scholarship from another public or private institution (Student Loans and Dormitories Institution Scholarsip does not prevent you from receiving a scholarship from KEV),
>Not being a remote education student,
>Under 25 years of age at the date of application,
>Not to be convicted of disgraceful crimes,

Prerequisites of Scholarship

KEV scholarships are not refundable.

Selection of Students

Scholarship applications are accepted every year on the dates specified in the announcements. The “KEV Scholarship Application Form” can be printed and filled out from the official website of the Koksal Education Foundation (www.kev.org.tr) and submitted to the Koksal Education Foundation Secretariat by mail or by hand until the date specified below.

How Do I Apply for a Scholarship?

Required Documents;

a)KEV Scholarship Application Form (Personal Data Protection Law Explicit Consent Declaration, Authenticity Declaration Form must be signed and submitted to the Foundation),
b) 1 passport size photograph,
c) ID Photocopy,
d) Newly issued student certificate from the educational institution (E-Government),
e) Newly issued criminal record certificate from the Public Prosecutor’s Office (E-Government),
f) Candidates who have just started their undergraduate education: Photocopy of ÖSYM exam result,
g)For those who are still studying at a higher education institution: A copy of the transcript from the current educational institution (a certified copy from the educational institution of the document showing the grades, courses and GPA),
h)If Student Loans and Dormitories Institution Scholarsip or loan is received, a document showing that it is received (E-Government),
i) Civil Registration Certificate (including the whole family) (E-Government),
j)Household income declaration (You can access the total monthly income documents, payslips, tax plate, 4A/4B/4C Service Documents of the persons living in the same residence, with or without kinship ties, from E-Government),
k) For self-employed households: Income tax return/corporate tax return for the last years (E-Government),
l) For parents engaged in farming and animal husbandry: Crop/animal assets and income status breakdown (E-Government),
m)Detailed title deed and vehicle certificate registered to the family, and if there is no registration, a screenshot of the page (E-Government) with the names of those who are not registered,
n) If the family lives in rented accommodation, a copy of the Lease Agreement,
This information is collected in a separate file for each student. Candidates who are deemed eligible for a scholarship by the KEV Board of Directors are invited for an interview.

Announcement of Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients in the Previous Academic Year

Discontinuation of Scholarships

The scholarships of the students who receive scholarships may be terminated by the decision of the Board of Directors of the Foundation in the following cases:
a) Students who are subsequently found to be not in compliance with the items under the heading “Qualifications of students to be awarded scholarships” will lose their scholarship,
b) Students who have lowered their grade point average below 2.00 during their undergraduate education and who have failed the course they have taken 2 times will lose their scholarship,
c) Students who receive scholarships from other institutions and organizations without informing the Foundation will lose their scholarship,
d)Students who change their university or field of study without informing the Foundation will lose their scholarship,
e) Students who do not submit the documents requested by the Foundation will lose their scholarship,
f) Students who are suspended for 1 semester during their undergraduate education,
g) Not participating in at least 2 of the cultural activities provided by the foundation within 1 year of education wll result in losing the scholarship.

Relations with Scholarship Students

Every year, at least one meeting is organized with the scholarship students to introduce them to each other and to the Foundation executives.
Care is taken to maintain relations between the Foundation and scholarship students both during their education and after their graduation, and to develop material and moral solidarity.

Students who receive scholarships from the Foundation adopt it as a voluntary obligation to make material and moral contributions to the Foundation and to educate students to the extent of their means following their graduation, after they get a job and find financial means.